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February 2018:

With the flu still around, watch out for highly touched surfaces in your workplace... Our co-founder Dr. Chris Mason explains to CBS News how shotgun sequencing and computational analysis can help effectively for tracking the flu.

September 2017:

Our study related to the microbiome of ambulances is now available in open access in the journal Microbiome. This nationwide project was led by our CEO/co-founder, Dr. Niamh O'Hara, with contributions from Biotia co-founders, Dr. Chris Mason, and Dr. Rachid Ounit. It is the only study of its kind, showing that metagenomics can be a powerful method to characterize the microbial ecology of pre-hospital ambulance settings!

May 2017:

GenomeWeb wrote about our team and projects!

Cornell Chronicle wrote a cover article about us and our collaborations with academic institutions:


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