Precision Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Current infectious disease diagnostic technology has a high failure rate. Culturing is slow, labor intensive, misses many species, and requires many tests to fully characterize pathogens and drug resistance. PCR-based assays are limited, and can only provide insights for hypothesis driven diagnostics and don’t provide drug resistance information.

We use next-generation sequencing and AI software, to rapidly identify the full microbial profile of a sample including drug resistance and virulence markers.

Our Test Offers:

  • Identification of any of the 16,000 species in our database, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses

  • Generation of a microbiology report including the full microbial profile, drug resistance to guide patient treatment, and clinical insights

  • Quicker more comprehensive diagnostics to improved health outcomes and reduce antimicrobial resistance.

Environmental Testing

Hospitals are a perfect storm for infections to occur because susceptible patients are housed together with contagious patients, and microbes are pervasive— even after cleaning. Major sources of HAI’s include the environment and the patient’s own microbiome. Since no good technology exists to surveil, hospitals clean blindly and wait until patients get sick before implementing, brute force methods and interventions.

The solution is active surveillance, using Biotia technology, to identify and stop pathogens and antimicrobial resistance before patients get HAIs.