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GeoSeeq detects, predicts, mitigates, and contains outbreaks anywhere, before they become pandemics everywhere. We are fortifying local labs in diagnostic deserts with modern sequencing technology and training to leapfrog legacy diagnostics. The data from local sites becomes a global stream allowing high resolution maps of health and disease.

Community driven AI then integrates climate and health data to drive agency actions, diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics.


Avoid the tradeoff between the accuracy of culture and the sensitivity of metagenomics. Using BIOTIA-DX you can identify organisms with a clinically validated metagenomics tool that is more sensitive than culture or qPCR.

Our products for clinicians


BIOTIA-ID is a comprehensive genomics-based assay with extensive clinical validation and pending regulatory approval. It has clinical uses for immuno-compromised patients and for patients with complicated infections.


Current infectious disease detection technology has a high failure rate and limited utility. With BIOTIA-ID Urine, we have resolved these problems, designed and clinically validated a novel diagnostic assay with high sensitivity, specificity, and extensive characterization for a variety of different disease causing pathogens.

From Watchtower partner Dr. Olayinka Osuolale, Elizade University, Nigeria


Watchtower Program

We have launched the GeoSeeq Watchtower Program with 12 sites across the world.

Watchtowers enable early pathogen detection from mosquitoes, environmental reservoirs, and patients. The program connects underserved communities onto the global GeoSeeq Platform, improving insights, and response.

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UN General Assembly invites Biotia to present their vision for a pandemic early warning system

Biotia presented together wtih the World Health Organziation (WHO), the Pasteur Institute, and Fiocruz, warning that while we are witnessing the dismantling of essential infectious disease monitoring programs, we expect infectious disease threats to increase, at least partially driven by climate change, changes in land use, and global travel.

How is genomics helpful in infectious disease?

All living things, including pathogens, contain genetic material (DNA, RNA). We use genomics, the study of genetic material, not only to identify but also to understand pathogens.

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