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With a growing list of infectious diseases circulating, the ability to accurately detect pathogens has become more important than ever before. The current standard of care for infectious disease diagnostics is outdated and restrictive. It's time for the next generation of diagnostics designed for diseases of the 21st century.

What is BIOTIA-ID?

BIOTIA-ID is an integrated platform that uses genomic-based technology paired with AI to provide patients with a rapid, sensitive, and accurate testing solution.

Our approach changes your care

Every organism has its own unique identifiers (DNA sequences), that make up its genetic code. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) utilizes this concept to be able to specifically identify thousands of different organisms by identifying its unique genetic makeup, one piece of DNA at a time.

Biotia uses this technology to be able to identify a series of particular pathogens that may be present in your clinical sample. This allows for accurate detection of the pathogens responsible for your particular illness.

DNA sequences

DNA is a unique sequence that tells your cells what to do and when to do it. DNA sequences are unique to each person, the same is true for disease causing pathogens like bacteria, virus, parasites, or fungi.

Next-generation sequencing

NGS uses these unique strings of DNA to be able to specifically identify the organism causing your unique infection.

Learn about our BIOTIA-ID Urine NGS Assay

Learn more about how our assay for detection of UTI causing pathogens is different.