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Biotia helps researchers understand the microbial world

Deep precision. Broad scope. Our tools let you generate clinical-grade analyses with global impact.

Our suite of tools support cutting edge microbiome and public health research based on next-gen sequencing.

Featured products include

GeoSeeq Platform

BIOTIA-DX Software

Offering clinical-grade metagenomic tools for researchers





We have optimized BIOTIA-DX in clinical assays for varied specimen types. Paired with our optimized lab workflows we have attained lower limits of detection than culture with high sensitivity and specificity.

Featured products


Supercharge collaboration. Accelerate Research. We provide advanced tools to share data and metadata with your team and the global community. AI tools augment your data and interactive dashboards communicate your results at a glance. A massive public dataset contextualizes your results with similar studies from across the world.

Built to support microbial sequencing data, heath statistics, and satellite mapping data.


Results you can rely on. BIOTIA-DX brings the clinical grade software used in Biotia’s state of the art assays to your microbiome research. Call microbes with high confidence, map gene variants for strain level identification, and identify antimicrobial resistance genes. Visualize your results with easy-to-understand interactive visualizations.

Biotia-DX is built to support short and long read metagenomic sequencing.

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Mayo Clinic

The Rockefeller Foundation

Weil Cornell Medicine

Atlantic Health System

Bumrungrad International Hospital

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