BIOTIA‑DX: bringing clinical accuracy to microbiome research

Avoid the tradeoff between the accuracy of culture and the sensitivity of metagenomics. Using BIOTIA-DX you can identify organisms with a clinically validated metagenomics tool that is more accurate than culture or qPCR.

rich visualizations

BIOTIA-DX offers clinical-grade analysis of metagenomic samples as well as rich visualizations such as assemblies, pileups and SNP identification to further profile your samples.

Offering clinical-grade metagenomic tools for researchers





We have optimized BIOTIA-DX in clinical assays for varied specimen types. Paired with our optimized lab workflows we have attained lower limits of detection than culture with high sensitivity and specificity.

Why choose

Existing metagenomic tools require coding or bioinformatic expertise and often return a long list of microbial species. We have optimized BIOTIA-DX to be easy to use and have a low rate of false-positive hits so researchers can focus on their research questions.

AI-based metagenomic software to detect viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and AMR

Drill down to individual SNPs for strain-level identification

97% sensitivity,
99% specificity in clinical studies

Identify species from a comprehensive database of 7000+ clinically-curated microbes

Works with single-end, paired-end, and long-read data

Innovating through partnership with industry leaders

Built with NASA

We have worked with NASA JPL developing components of our analysis pipeline and analyzing samples from the international space station to identify and describe novel bacterial and fungal strains, and published this work widely.

MAYO Clinic

Biotia joined the Mayo Clinic Platform to strengthen the clinical components of BIOTIA-DX and validate our approach on clinical data.

There is great promise in using metagenomics for infectious disease diagnostics, especially for challenging or drug resistant infections.

How to access BIOTIA‑DX

BIOTIA‑DX is available as an app on the GeoSeeq platform. Please contact us for a license.

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